HoneyMAP is passionate about the small business community, which is why we offer a variety of business and branding workshops both virtually and on-site.

Signature Workshops

How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

Does the question, “What do you do?” raise your heart rate? Do you find yourself zoning out in networking meetings, missing everyone else’s introductions because you are stressing about what to say in yours? This is often because of pressure we put on ourselves to speak with perfection rather than simply answering the question. Stop trying to memorize a polished elevator pitch and learn how to nail your pitch in any room. Every interaction is an opportunity to connect with a potential client/collaborator/referral. This workshop will teach you how to refine your mission and vision and translate those to what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, so you’ll never have to miss an opportunity because of miscommunication.

Sarah teaching how to nail your elevator pitch

Get Real: 8 Weeks to Shift from Hobby to Business

Are you ready to get real in your business? Learn how to get your business up and going while collaborating with others who are doing the same. This is an 8 week workshop that will help you get real in your business. Each week will focus on one step of the process, and will also offer individual spot coaching.

Week 1

Define your identity. Learn how to get to the core of what your brand is and how to communicate it.

Week 2

Clarify your ‘why’ and create a business plan. Write a mission and vision statement, and learn how to articulate and nail your elevator pitch.

Week 3

Refine your ideal client and figure out how to connect with them. Create client avatars that pinpoint your client’s pain-points and the perfect solutions that you can offer them.

Week 4

Create a business model and feel confident in your programs, pricing, and sales structure.

Sarah teaching

Week 5

Learn best practices for common marketing channels and how to create your own marketing strategy. We will review a variety of popular marketing channels such as web, social media, grassroots, digital and more, and learn how to optimize each strategy.

Week 6

Use your brand and marketing to create a content strategy. learn how to talk about your business effectively through all your communication channels including web/blog, email, and social media.

Week 7

Protect yourself by implementing daily mindset practices to keep you moving toward success. Learn how your mindset connects to your marketing and strategies you can take advantage of daily.

Week 8

Celebrate! Pull everything together and confidently launch (or re-launch) your business

Sarah teaching

If you are tired of messing around and you are ready to get real, this one is for you.

How to be a CEO

Many amazingly talented people struggle with how to think of themselves as Executives. But if you are the one responsible for making the decisions, if you are the primary (chief) decision making (executive) person (officer)... you ARE the CEO. Most of us skipped CEO school, even if we did major in business. This workshop will teach you how to start thinking of yourself as a CEO. If you have ever struggled with identifying yourself in your business or thinking of yourself as a real business owner, you’re not alone. This workshop is a safe and fun space to explore limiting beliefs and learn the daily practices that can empower you to run the business you were born to run. HoneyMAP is proud to partner with Mary Damm, CEO of Damm Creative, to create an interactive and artistic learning experience.

Sarah teaching

Time to Love (Yourself!)

Self-love, self-care, it all feels a little woo-woo. Who has time for that? The real question is who doesn’t have time for that? Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Your business is only as healthy as you are. This 3-hour workshop will teach you how to self-care in five, 3 minute chunks- only 15 minutes a day. You will learn 5 different stretches to pair with 5 mindset exercises so that you can check in with yourself throughout the day. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who is living a full life and looking for a way to maintain sanity without having to set life aside for a weekend. HoneyMAP is proud to partner with Pilates Expert, Celeste Etlinger, to create this mentally and physically engaging experience.

Sarah teaching

How to Be Successful(ish): Redefining Success, Embracing Failure, and Talking Back to Imposter Syndrome

Success and failure are not opposites. They are one in the same. As a business leader, knowing how to maintain a success-mindset, even in the midst of failure, is a crucial asset. It’s not enough to simply try and dismiss the voices of doubt and discouragement- we have to learn how to talk back and fail forward. This workshop will teach you four simple exercises that you can implement daily to keep yourself on track and help your team maintain forward momentum. If you are leading a business, you don’t want to miss this one.

Sarah teaching

Additional Workshops

  • How to Create & Implement Content Strategy That Works
  • Social Media 101
  • What Actually is a Brand?
  • How to Create a Personal Brand

Would you like to bring one of these workshops to your business or community? Sarah facilitates online and in-person workshops for businesses and thought leaders around the country. Email us to book a private workshop.