They say it’s lonely at the top, but we think the top is pretty sweet. Business leadership comes with a set of unique challenges and experiences. While there’s lots of options for professional training, and personal development, what if you need these two worlds to intertwine? As a business leader, your personal life kind of is your business life. So we wanted to create a community that speaks to both ends.

If you come from the corporate world, you may be familiar with the term C-Suite: the team of business leaders responsible for making the key decisions within the company. When you’re in one of these roles, you have a lot of responsibility outside of your specific job description. And if you run your own business, you have to play all of these roles.

Most of us skipped C-Suite 101 in school. We set out to start a new business and suddenly, we not only have to be an expert in our industry, but we also have to make all the decisions (CEO), manage the money (CFO), come up with all the marketing ideas (CMO)... no amount of training can adequately prepare us for all of these roles. But we can figure it out.

The C-Sweet community is for anyone who finds themself in a leadership role within their business. It is a database of resources and expertise combining practical tools you can implement with stories of personal experience and encouragement to grow in personal and professional development, because both are necessary for success. You will find content to help you with business and marketing strategies, as well as personal habits and health tips, and find support in connecting it all together.

Join Us

Whether you are a solopreneur wearing all the hats, a CEO, CMO, CFO, COO, CIO, CATTO ( Chief All The Things Officer), this is a community where you can gain support, insights, and friendships with other decision-making world-sweeteners.

There are multiple membership options so that sweet resources and support are available to you wherever you find yourself in business. From content to coaching, there’s a place for you in the C-Sweet.