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#WorldSweeteners Meet Jo Luehmann

18 Jan 2021 / #WorldSweeteners

Meet Jo Luehmann

Jo Luehmann

Jo sweetens the world by helping people heal from religious abuse and toxic theology. After 10+ years of pastoring churches, Jo realized that something was off, and that she wasn't alone in experiencing systems of oppression and abuse. She uses her education and personal experience to dismantle toxic beliefs and explain the process of decolonization and deconstruction so that people can be free to explore spirituality and healing in safe spaces.

She has learned from her own trauma and experience how easily one can become a part of a harmful system, and she is passionate about accountability and seeing more people live freely. She believes that we were always meant to be, just the way that we were created, so we all have to figure out who that person is from healing from our childhood and societal traumas. Her social media platforms exist to create safe spaces for discussion and alternative perspectives.

What we love about Jo is that her brand is 100% her. She pulls from all of her experiences while also inviting in the perspectives and experiences of others. She is unapologetic in who she is, and she has the education and credibility to back her opinions. Search her name on Spotify and you'll pull up some great podcasts.

You can hangout with her on Twitter, Instagram, @joluehmann and Facebook @joluehmann, or dig a little deeper in her Patreon.