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#WorldSweeteners Meet Lauren Huntington

18 Jan 2021 / #WorldSweeteners

Meet Lauren Huntington

Lauren Huntington

Lauren is the CEO of Encouragemintz and is sweetening the world with encouraging messages- and fresh breath.

She was prompted to start her business because she saw a needfor a tool that was simple and affordable that could make a positive impact on people. She wanted something that could express appreciation to people who may feel down or unseen, because she wanted people to know they are seen, and that they matter.

As the brand has grown, so has the mission. Lauren and her team are spreading the message that making an impact in someone's life doesn't need to be complicated- it can be very simple. Encouragemintz runs on hope, kindness, and community, and everything is centered on those core values.

Lauren remains unsalaried in this role and believes in pouring everything into her mission of encouraging others. You can spread your own tin of encouragement online or Facebook or Instagram, @encouragemintz