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#WorldSweeteners Meet Dimitrios Provistalis from Pleasant Pizza

18 Jan 2021 / #WorldSweeteners

Meet Dimitrios Provistalis

Dimitrios Provistalis

We love Pleasant Pizza. (It is the only food that delivered to the last office address- #countrylife - so we felt personally responsible to keep them in business)

Beyond having delicious pizza (who knew that pears and honey and goat cheese and meat could all blend so deliciously on one crust? Seriously, if you're local, please do yourself a favor and order the Air Line. Bonus points if you hike the Airline Trail after to burn off all those cheese-orific calories), the real secret to their success is in their customer service. Their brand of being 'pleasant' runs through every vein of the company.

Their mission is to grow in the culinary world, to continue to learn, and to provide all that they have learned to their customers who allow them to operate. They consider each customer a blessing, and they treat them as such.

It is rumored that they may also be on a mission to seduce customers with sweets- twice they've hooked us up with free desserts, and you haven't lived until someone hands you a box of fried dough 'just because.'

Dimitrios runs this sweet family business in Wilimantic, CT. He left for a season to take on the corporate world, then took his learnings back to the pizza oven to take over Pleasant Pizza with his brother so that their parents could retire. Their proudest creation is the "Big Willy"- two pizzas sandwiched together with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a mayo-ketchup sauce. One gigantic cheeseburger pizza. Served with french fries of course.

Like many restaurants, they have been adapting to the learning curve and patio life that came with Covid-19. Not surprisingly, the managed to pull through and no doubt will come out stronger than ever.

Their current goal is to continue to put Willimantic on the map. They were able to bring publicity to the town by placing 2nd in the 2019 Hartford Courant's Pizza Showdown, and they want to continue to make their town proud, and to bring new customers in to shop at all of the great, locally owned businesses.

They plan to consistently provide world-class customer service, and use high quality ingredients, while changing with the times. And let's just say, they have yet to disappoint.