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#SweetNews Have You Noticed Our Sweet Illustrations?

18 Jan 2021 / #SweetNews


We commissioned artist Kellie Semmelrock for our latest rebrand and she did not disappoint. Kellie is a New England artist who specializes in illustration. She is a talented graphic creator (you may recognize her work on CEO, Sarah Michelle's website And she is the creator and genius behind Grateful Paperie , a boutique dedicated to thank you cards, because life is a little sweeter when we are grateful.

The concept of HoneyMAP really came from wanting to help businesses be more efficient with their business and marketing spending. Having seen all of the different marketing/advertising options from working in an ad agency, and understanding how that related to internal business structure from working in an internal marketing team, we wanted to create a roadmap for people. Something that helped business owners find the best route to success- because we've been there before.

Kellie collaborated with us to bring this message to life in some amazing line drawings. Whether a drawing is simple or complex, you can follow the singular line to get there. And that is our hope for each of our clients, that wherever they are in business, they can follow the path that leads to success.

Who you are, how your business is structured, how your employees show up, how your communication goes out, it's all connected. If you have a good map, you'll find the sweet spot every time.