#HowTo Write a Vision Statement

18 Jan 2021 / #HowTo

Your mission is what you're here for. Your vision is what you want to be remembered for. Your vision statement tells people (and reminds yourself) what to be excited about. What's coming up? What are you working towards? What will your business look like in 5, 10, 50 years?

To create a vision statement, think about questions like:

● What long term problem do I help solve? ● What do I want to be remembered for? ● Why did I start? ● How will the world be a better place as a result of what I do? ● Who will benefit from what I do? ● What change do I want to inspire?

Your vision can be as short or as long as you need it to be. Consider this your playground with full permission to dream big.

Part of our vision at HoneyMAP is that HoneyMAP will become the new industry standard in business and marketing. Businesses will be able to map their mission to their marketing, connecting business strategy and creative messaging so that the entire business functions as a healthy whole. Marketing dollars and hours won't be wasted on guesses or best practices, but will be in alignment with the business goals and audience. Businesses will have more successful marketing, because they will have tools to articulate with better transparency who they are and how and why they sweeten the world. There will be clearer communication, and business leaders will have tools to align and connect who they are, with who their business is. HoneyMAP will remove the disconnect between organizational leadership, internal business practices, business structure, brand and marketing, so that more mission-minded business leaders can streamline success.

What do these questions inspire for you? What is your vision statement?