#CSweet Three Quick Steps to Success

18 Jan 2021 / #CSweet

When it comes to being open to success, mindset is everything, and gratitude can literally rewire your brain. (Google it- it’s pretty awesome. Here's one article to get you started)

This is an incredibly easy practice to implement, and you'll be shocked at the impact. Start by picking up a journal or app that inspires you. This can be digital or old school, whatever gets you more excited to actually write. Each day, write down three sets of three:

3 things you are thankful for Make these as specific as you can. Try to avoid generalizations (family, friends, etc) and think specific to today. Maybe it was a conversation with family or friends. Maybe you brewed the perfect cup of coffee. Maybe you slept great and you’re thankful for your awesome pillow. What are three things you can smile about today?

3 things you succeeded at This one can be tricky, but successes need to be celebrated. There is nothing to be gained in diminishing achievement or discounting because of comparison. What did you accomplish today? Did you wake up on time? Did you check off everything on your to do list? Did you keep your kid alive? Did you write a blog post? Did you sign a client? Did you book a marketing opportunity? There is no achievement too little or big. What three things can you feel proud about today?

3 things you failed at You know the saying ‘failure is not an option’? In entrepreneurship, failure is the only option. We have to fail to grow and learn. And it is ok. For many of us, we associate failure with negativity and shame. We see the big red ‘F’ on the report card. But failure is only failure when we stop there. When we keep going, it’s just another step closer to success. What are 3 things you failed at today? Did you mis-manage your time? Did you lose a client? Did you send something out with a typo? Did you get hungup in a negative mindset?

Now take those three failures and loop them back to how you can be thankful for them. What did these failures teach you? If you find your failure too fresh to do this, start by being thankful for grace. And then give yourself an extra heap of it.

At the end of each month, skim through your journal. Celebrate the fact that you have 90 reasons to be thankful, 90 things you’ve kicked ass at, and 90 things you’ve learned. Go you!