The HoneyMAP Story

HoneyMAP was created by branding expert, Sarah Michelle, in 2016 as a way to empower small businesses to build big brands using their available resources. It has since evolved into an integral business tool for business leaders of all shapes and sizes. Sarah has over a decade of professional experience in both internal and agency marketing, as well as personal experience as a Certified Care Counselor, and is well versed in both the business/marketing and psychological components of growing a healthy and successful brand.

Within the marketing industry, Sarah was often frustrated with the disconnect between marketers, clients, and their audience. She was watching debates between ‘the client is always right’ vs. ‘the agency is the expert’ and seeing a lack of alignment between the true heart of a brand, the heart of the customer, and the creative genius of the agency.

She felt like businesses needed a more comprehensive approach to marketing—one that really addressed the root of the problem and dug into the specific solutions that clients were looking for. So she created the HoneyMAP. With each client, Sarah found that marketing challenges were just the tip of the iceberg. Even the most brilliant marketing strategies were not fixing the root problems that traced up the leadership ladder. She found herself using her counseling skills as much, if not more, than her advertising and business expertise, so she decided to combine her professional and personal experiences in marketing and psychology in order to work directly with business owners and C-Suite Executives and help them uncover what was truly holding them back from their success goals.

The small business community remains at the epicenter of why Sarah set out to create a new standard in branding. She is passionate about helping small businesses and solopreneurs sweeten the world and believes no good idea should be held back by a lack of marketing education or budget, which is why she has made HoneyMAP accessible to businesses of all sizes, and created the C-Sweet community for business owners and leaders. Sarah wanted to find a way to take all of the knowledge and experience gained from working with billion dollar businesses and ad campaigns and share that insight with her community. While the product may vary from the solopreneur to the fortune 500, the process is personal and adaptable to healthy brands at any scale.

Sarah guides clients through their HoneyMAP and partners with other brand agencies to do the same for their clients. Outside of HoneyMAP, Sarah consults with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create tailored marketing strategies that echo the core brand and values of the brand leaders. She is also the creator and host of the Successful(ish) podcast and lifestyle brand, and speaks nationally on topics such as brand identity, business leadership, and redefining success.

Did you Know?

We are passionate about helping people sweeten the world. We believe good marketing and business sense should be available to everyone, which is why we lead small business workshops globally and donate 10% of all time and profits to charity and non-profit organizations annually.

Do you know of a charity or non-profit in need of some marketing help? Nominate them for a free HoneyMAP!

From Sarah’s Desk

Hi friend, thank you for sharing a moment with me. I am passionate about helping others sweeten the world by ending identity crisis. I believe that the best gift we can give to this world is to live with radical honesty in the fullness of who we are and to lead by example, allowing others to do the same.

I’ve learned a lot about branding, marketing, business, and basic human habits over the years. One of those life lessons being: whoever I am, is whatever my business is. My personal and professional identity are impossibly intertwined, and my experience makes me uniquely equipped to collaborate with business owners and C-Suite Executives to help them find their own brand parallels. One of my greatest joys in life has been creating a business that I LOVE, that enables me to serve others while enjoying my life. I love meeting mission-minded people who are passionate about sweetening the world and collaborating with them to make their dreams a reality.

If you are passionate about sweetening the world, I would love to meet you. Shoot me an email at, or hangout with me on social media.

Thanks for being you!


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You don’t need someone else to tell you who you are.

Your HoneyMAP starts with the heart of the brand—YOU. Rather than creating a brand and telling you who you are, each HoneyMAP asks the right questions so that you can be who you are in a way that your audience can clearly understand. We believe:


You should own your brand. Partner professionals can help you articulate your story, but should not make one up for you.


Good business starts with good business leadership. Growth should start from the inside.


Good marketing is about making sure people know that you have the solution to their problem, not trying to sell them a solution to a problem they don’t actually have.


Success is achieved by the yardstick in which it is measured. Know the metrics that matter.


Anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Before investing any time, money, or energy, a strategy should be put into place.


Growth is a combination of organic authenticity and creative, on-point, messaging.


Good ideas should grow. You matter. What you are building matters. Do it in the best way that only you can.

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You can learn more about Sarah and how to hire her for your own consulting or speaking event here.

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