Do You Know Who You Are?

More Importantly, Do Your Clients?

First impressions can become permanent impressions in a matter of seconds. This means every communication counts and forward thinking is essential for success. HoneyMAP connects your core values to your core audience and creates a comprehensive roadmap so your next step is never a misstep.

If you aren’t defining your brand, your audience is.

Every business, and every person, has a brand. It is the identity and heartbeat of every business and ultimately, the only differentiator that has no fear of competition. Your identity goes beyond a visual brand. It’s who you are as the leader of your business. It’s your beliefs, your ideas, your decisions, and how those translate into your marketing and client communications.

The connection between your mission, your business, your marketing, and your sales, is you.

The HoneyMAP is a comprehensive roadmap that articulates your brand- or your reputation- and echoes that mission through every communication. We help you articulate your core values, mission, vision, and differentiators, and strategize how to creatively keep that consistency through all of your internal business structure, external marketing channels, and client experiences.

Woman looking into mirror
Know who you are and where you are going so that your clients can know who you are and where you can take them.

Rather than guessing who your audience is and what they want and allowing someone else to define you, your HoneyMAP allows you to be in front of your story. It’s a step-by-step guide for mission-minded business leaders that maps who you really are and what really matters to your customers into a comprehensive inside-out marketing strategy so that you never have to lose business due to a miscommunication.

Why HoneyMAP?

The best way to reach your destination is to know what it is. Like any good adventure, there is no shortage of pathways. If you know where you want to go, you can confidently explore and enjoy all of the fun paths that can take you there. And you can pick up your ideal clients along the way.

Let’s create your map together.

When a honeybee is buzzing around like she’s just had her fifth cup of espresso, she’s actually dancing out a map for the other bees to get to the really good flower she found. She’s already mapped out the most efficient route and knows that the community will bee more effective and efficient (pun intended) if they know where they are going.

You can use this same method in your business. You can confidently follow your HoneyMAP because we’ve already been there. We know the paths you can choose from and how to travel each one for the best experience. Each map is created with business and marketing expertise so you can stop stressing about what to do, and start excelling at what you love to do with a clear roadmap of next steps.

There are a variety of templates available for businesses at all stages of growth, as well as tailored maps and personal consultation for business owners and C-Suite Executives looking to work directly with HoneyMAP Founder and CEO, Sarah Michelle.

Ready to get started?

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